What a feeling

It is a year the leaves fall in autumn, is also a kind of edge harvest howblack bedroom furniture!

Under the light, see diaryDr. Liao Sheung Kwan. Such as lotus heart, filled with a plain; there is a charming flowers, warm fleeting. As I watched, the heart of the ripples, that is the thought of a kind of fate, to find a love flowing in the heartiPad cover.

It's raining, hidden in the city in the rain, like a mirage misty misty Miao, do not know how many loutai Yanyu "". At this time, a corner of autumn is a season of the four seasons, light footsteps, swaying in time, and the heart but not the "autumn autumn rain melancholy Sharen" sad, but in the quiet contemplation, cut a piece of autumnwomen clothing hk, mottled fleeting.

Buddha said: "the former 500 times looking back, only in exchange for this life." Therefore, to associate the rain in five years ago, the heart has a different taste. Those past a sweet thing, maybe is the rain induced, perhaps this is the fateAsian college of knowledge management!

Think of it like rain xixilili falling wall, there is a great feeling.

That day, a person walking in the boundless twilight, a rain, causing a string of dreams, looking for the flower in the dreamCCIBA......

Hold a send umbrella, mind you see flashing the look of love, from the eyes, realize a know, that is to find a kind of life beauty of the edge, can give a person to enjoy the pure and beautiful feeling.

The umbrella, is the sound of rain song gorgeous brilliance in music, playing with my feelings, gathered to bursts of light silk yarn like ripplesMPLS VPN......

Know, is a kind of nostalgic two heart communication. It is this love, only later in the blue sky, as two Ziyan around the shuttle, Ren two disturbed heart echoes the melody of spring; only later pull tight arm a stereo bridge, loop hot blood......

Time give us too many gifts, but the world is too cruel.

After graduation from the University, in order to live, go their separate waysDoing business in china, you may as well, running a city and a city, run a place and a local job, searching. I don't know how many tears flow out, how many world bitter, have a number of turns, to find a job...... Later, living conditions gradually well up, and then, using their own money, plus loans, buy a house, it is tired a harbour. These all need to wait for your arrival, looking for similarities a soul, and tell you together!

However, waiting is a kind of suffering, looking forward to, also not back to you, Lang Lang laughter.

The heart of miss you, do not know the distance can have the wind gently brushed, you touch of melancholy? Can click into place a broad, the Acacia retain? Don't know whether you know, in the middle of the night there, there is a lamp on the light for you, and that is the most practical warmthman t shirts sale.

Do you know?? In this complex world, the soul is communicated with each other; heating between the heart and the heart; is the soul and soul at the aroma, is a heart to appreciate another heart; is a section of love on another section of love joy, began feeling, emitting a faint fragrance.

Outside the rain did not stop at the lower, if you say today to the city to see me, I will hold a send you as a souvenir of the umbrella, stood in the rain, a piece of road, waiting for your return expectations......

Thoughts are, a feeling in the heart of flow, orbit where it slowly filled with tears. At this time, there is not the eyes and mind touch of pink, but think of the once in a while walking around the branches, but after another beautiful red peach blossoms, and the ups and downs of the beautiful, warm the cold nights, also a swing around the beautiful patterns.